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Grass Fed Beef 
    Beginning September 2021, a quarter steer has a set cost of $360 (plus processing fee); a half steer has a set cost of $695 (plus processing fee). This gives around 65-75 pounds per quarter of take home beef and fills one and a half shelves of our standing freezer. Getting a quarter from us is a half of a half, which means you get cuts from the whole steer, front and back. When you order half of a steer it is double the meat of the quarter, you save $25, and you have more control over cuts of the meat.

     We have our beef processed at Lake Geneva Country Meats. If you would like more information about the meat processing you can call them at 262-248-3339. They are very helpful and walk our customers through the cutting instructions. (Quarter Steer: Approx. $85)* (Half Steer: Approx. $160)*
*These approximate prices cover basic cutting package. 

     We are a small, old-fashioned family farm and we raise our beef humanely and without hormones or daily antibiotics. The steers are approximately 95% grass/hay fed with a very small amount of protein given daily. We do not corn finish.

     We can supply references from our repeat customers if you ask and we would be happy to speak with you about any questions you have about our beef!
Basic Cutting 
Instruction Package

-T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks
    Fillet and New York Strip Steaks​​​​
-Sirloin Steak
-Round Steak
-Rump Roast
-Ground Beef
-Rib Steaks or Rib Roast
-Arm Roast
-Chuck Roast
-Flank Steak
-Sirloin Tip Roast
-Short Ribs
-Stew Meat
-Soup Bones (with meat)
This can be modified to suit your family's needs or preferences.

Additional cuts and packages can be ordered in processing. 
(extra costs may apply)
We accept payments through PayPal!*
*Additional fee for online payments.
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